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We have many people that volunteer their time and talent by serving on various committees and teams to help support the mission and vision of Willow Hill.

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2016 Church Council

Chairperson Todd Hobbs
Lay Leader Luann Kuehn
Lay Member to Annual Conference Jeff Ringness
Lay Member to Annual Conference Luann Kuehn
Pastor Brad Watkins
Recording Secretary Leta Wooley
Chairperson of Board of Trustees TBE
Chairperson of Finance Committee Lilli Davis
Chairperson of Staff Parish Committee Gail Brown
Treasurer Denny Wilmot
Finance Secretary Ken Beschorner
Nurture Team Leader Rachel Roberts
Outreach Team Leader Mike Knussman
Witness Team Leader Libbe Dawdy
UMYF Representative TBE
UMW President Sallie Booth




At Large Members

2016 2017 2018
Lisa Curtis
Julie Bevard
Jamie Beccue
Rollie DeFreitas
Dale Bull
Brad Shapland
Jim Landes
Hayden Golder
Nathan Thomas



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